Mobiles phone have become an inseparable part of our lives. We can now surf the web, log onto our social networking websites or just carry out leisure activities for hours on our phones without getting bored. 
But, what happens if you are quietly scrolling through your text messages and before you can realize, the phone just slips through your hand and your screen shatters to thousand pieces. The feeling that the owner is filled with cannot be understood by people who have not gone through similar.

If you are in need to have your screen repaired for your broken glass, you need to be sure that you trust your phone with the best in the industries. This is the reason why we provide training to our engineers and the technical team to become the best repair specialist in the country.

Experts on the famous Apple gadgets recommend people to use high-quality OEM batteries. We use only OEM, zero cycle batteries on all of our repairs.

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smartphone repair
Screen Repair
Device Repair

You have spent $800 on your new phone, why go with the cheapest option? Quality repairs are here!

Screen Replacement

Dropped Mobile only uses the best quality parts on our customers phones. This is how we can offer such a lengthy warranty on ALL of our parts! Every screw and shield that is removed from each device is re-installed in your device for precise detail.

Parts Repair

Small parts on your phone fail. We are here to replace these parts at a fraction of the cost of a new phone. Charge port stop working? Camera blurry? Dropped Mobile is here to help!

OS Suppor
operating system support
OS Support

Upgrade your software to the newest OS with us! We allow walk-ins and booking online for this service.

Software Upgrades

Phone or tablet acting sluggish? Is the newest update out and you have no access to a computer to update your phone? Look no further! We can upgrade your software for you for a small fee! 

OS Trouble Shooting

If your operating system isn't working correctly, We can also help with diagnosis of the issue at hand.

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quick cash for phones

We make buying and selling your phone a easy, yet pleasant experience! Come in or call for a free quote!

Purchase a Phone

We have a large selection of devices in stock, ready to be used today! Not only do we have excellent prices, we stand behind our products 100%! 

Sell Your Phone

Upgrading your phone can be a pleasant experience, but selling your old phone online or to a company overseas can be a lengthy process. Selling to us cuts the time out officiating for a "promised amount" from online companies and is quick and easy!